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Our New Website

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of our new Transplant Village website (

Months ago, we decided to rebrand our organization to better reflect our vision as Transplant Village continued to grow since our 2012 founding.  Our website not only highlights our growth but serves as a leading portal and resource for those connected to Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC) and the greater transplant community.

The structure of the new website coincides with our mission and those we serve.  Within the site you’ll find three main areas:

  • Partners in Giving (a section geared toward our financial donors who support the CTC’s groundbreaking transplant initiatives).
  • Patients & Families (a section dedicated to patients, families, and caregivers who are going through the transplant journey and require resources and support).
  • Giving While Living (a section for those considering living donation or who are committed to saving another person’s life by making the decision to become a living organ donor).

Giving Back

With renewed commitment, we continue to do our part by giving back to Northwestern Medicine’s CTC. As members of our Transplant Advisory Council we are alumni of a very special club. We have all benefitted from the talent and expertise of the clinicians, physicians, and staff at the CTC.

They saved our lives and they continue to save lives daily.

Our organization is unique having helped create a structure like no other in the transplant world.   We have been successful bringing together the constituencies of Northwestern Medicine, The Northwestern Memorial Foundation, the CTC and Transplant Village.  Together, we serve the patient with a shared vision and joint effort.

We help others who are going through the same journey we went through. We do our part so the CTC has most well-funded organ transplant research efforts in the country for the high risk/ high reward initiatives. We want to make sure the CTC will continue to attract world class clinicians and be on the leading edge of the next transplant breakthrough.

This is our way of giving back and creating a memorable legacy.  We help others in their journey, support the CTC’s research efforts, and serve as a trusted resource to transplant patients and families.  We are champions of the CTC and will continue our efforts to assure the CTC is a Tier I Research Institution for years to come.

Transplant Village was successful in executing our initial 5-year vision.  Now, it’s time to build, move forward, and become more effective in our efforts.

Here’s What You’ll Find within the New Website

  • Buddy Program:  when people find out they need a transplant; their world gets turned upside down.  While some have families to turn to, we know the most helpful way to receive support is by talking to someone who has gone through the transplant process.  With our Find a Buddy program, living organ donors and organ donor recipients pair up with a friendly, carefully matched buddy who understands what they’re going through, because they’ve been there!  This is an excellent program and resource for anyone amid transplant.
  • Fundraising:  we continue to do our part so the CTC maintains the most robust research efforts in the nation and attracts the best of the best.  With our support, the CTC will be able to save more lives while continuing its leading-edge research.  We will support the high risk/high reward initiatives started by physicians such as Dr. Joe Leventhal, Dr. Jason Wertheim, and others.
  • Power of 8:  To date, the CTC has been very successful at leveraging its’ philanthropic support.  By attracting matching gifts, grants and other funding, the CTC has a rich institutional history of leveraging gifts by more than a factor of 8.  As we develop the Transplant Innovation Fund, 100% of all gifts will be applied to groundbreaking transplant research.
  • Living Organ Donor Support:  the CTC has one of the largest living donor programs in the country. Transplant Village is trying to change the dialog from one of organ shortage to one of abundance.  Instead of focusing on a shortage, we want to illustrate the surplus.  The solution is one of allocation with living organ donors.  Everyone has two kidneys and a liver grows back! Imagine a world where there were more organ donors than recipients! Our message will be one of abundance and positive action.

Thank You to Everyone Who Made the New Site Possible
The new website was very much so a joint effort led by a group of people who are very close to Transplant Village and inspired by our mission.  We want to extend a special thanks to:

  • Amber Khan who has been with us since the very beginning.  Amber and her team led the vision and creative direction of website including design, content, and development.
  • Annie Gray donated a great deal of time and energy.  Her insight throughout the project was invaluable.  She also connected us to amazing resources at Ogilvy, including Gabe Usadel and Sho Watanabe who created the new Transplant Village logo.
  • Laurie Dickinson Lee has been an infallible advocate of Transplant Village and has helped shape it into what it is today – an organization that is inspiring others and saving lives.  Thank you for all you contributed to this project and for all you continue to do!
  • Peter Medlock is the talented creator of the videos you see throughout the website. Peter came up with a vision for each video and executed impeccably.
  • Finally, we want to thank the members of the Transplant Advisory Council.  You all put in so much time and energy.  We could not have done this without each of you.