Paul Found a Liver !!

PAUL FOUND A LIVER – Here is a story about selflessness. I posted a few weeks ago about Paul.  Paul lives in the Chicago area, a retired superintendent of schools.  Paul has PSC, a rare liver disease.  For various reasons, those with PSC generally are not eligible for a cadaver liver transplant.  Usually, those with PSC die within a few years.  The only cure for PSC is a liver transplant, and since he doesn’t qualify for a cadaver liver that means someone must volunteer to be a living transplant.  With the liver, you can donate 60% of your liver and it grows back over a matter of a few short weeks.  It is the only organ in the body that regenerates.  Imagine, a good Samaritan giving up part of their liver for someone else!  Well, it’s happening for Paul.  A high school friend of Paul’s daughter decided that this is something she just had to do.  And it’s happening tomorrow at Northwestern.  They both go under the knife and 60% of the donor liver goes into to Paul.  You can following the progress at their Caring Bridge  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paulandkathy   or at daughter Heather Face Book page http://www.facebook.com/FindPaulsLiver

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