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Update from Dan…

No news is good news and that’s exactly the situation…

On February 1st I had my 90 day scan. No change and clear. So, it is the best of both worlds. I am placed on the transplant list at MELD-33 yet there is no rush and I don’t need a liver. If a scan goes south on me I am high enough on the list that I can get a liver quickly in any of the facilities. I know what is lurking in my body which is nothing, so I am better of the 99% of the general population out there that really have no idea what is crawling around inside them.

In the meantime we have been travelling on the weekends. Last week to Florida for the boat show, next week to Florida to see Nancy’s dad, and then some business in Houston. And then daughter Laurie and I can go on our yearly ski weekend so people can stare at us because they think I am her sugar daddy. (he-he) My only medication is 40 Mg of Nexium and even that is not mandatory. My only problem is I need to shed 10 pounds. My trainer is bring a whip to the next session, and since I am afraid of her that will probably solve the problem.

So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print….