Update For Dan

 I haven’t been very good keeping my blog up to date!

I have the perfect example for teaching supply and demand economics.  It’s a model we all live with daily but many of us rarely think about it. The demand curve for organs remains content or increases while the supply decreases.  In most cases this means the price goes up.  But in the organ world it means some people do without.  That is what is happening nationwide, but especially in the Midwest for reasons unknown.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve gone from being #1 in the city being prepped for surgery twice!  Now over the last three weeks am #7 in line for the city.  I am not one to stand still, let grass grow under my feet or move backwards. A slip of one or two can be a fluke. But I consider  seven as a trend and definitely in the wrong direction.

While there is no medical reason to so, Monday I made the decision to get the ball rolling with other transplant center(s). I’ve decided to be “dual listed”  That means I will be listed at two facilities instead of one which  allows for more options.  My goal was to find the best center of excellence with a shorter waiting list.  I found it with Cleveland Clinic.  On Sunday, Nancy, Laurie and I will fly out to Cleveland, go through their process and get on their list.

Interestingly, I called around to the various centers.  University of Wisconsin in Madison are experiencing the same delays.  Mayo has a very long list.  Spending Monday on the phone with the various centers gave me a real “feel” of the situation.  I seem to know enough of the industry lingo that the liver coordinators  think I know what I’m talking about!  (That makes me a para liver transplant nurse)  Anyway, Cleveland was the logical choice for a #2 behind NMH.

At Northwestern (NMH) I am currently a MELD-31.  In the past, folks were always transplanted between MELD 24-28.  I believe I am the highest at MELD-31 not to be transplanted.  At Cleveland Clinic (CCF) I start “new” on the list at MELD-22.  Every three months I receive 3 bonus points.  However, even at a MELD-22 at CCF there are presently only 5 people in front of me – and I would be #1 for my liver size class within my blood group.  The NMH folks are great people with a very respected program.  Everyone there is more than fantastic.  But I’ve been to CCF for Executive physical and they are great as well.  The coordination between the two centers was exemplary.

Someone coined the phrase – “you don’t know what you don’y know”.  For me I am not one to look in the rear view mirror (if you do, you’ve got to remember that the objects  may appear smaller than their actual size).  I don’t play the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” game.  Asses the situation as it stands today and make the necessary course changes and move forward. Small course corrections today mean I don’t have to make a large course correction later.  Life is about creating options. Options = the power to decide the best direction at any given time.

So, tomorrow we fly out to Cleveland in the Bonanza with Nancy and Laurie.  Stay tuned!

1 Response to “Update For Dan”

  1. 1 Michael Stern
    October 30, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    A man of action…..

    Best of luck in Cleveland.

    Michael and Karen

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