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No News

No news at all. In fact, I’ve slipped to number 2 or 3 on the list due to some folks that are very sick. Saying that, it doesn’t much matter since the first two on the list could easily change or be the wrong size for an available liver. SO – still could get a call at any time and staying close to home. (Nancy thought a GPS ankle bracelet would be appropriate attire) Talking to the liver center last week, ALL of the liver centers had very little activity in July. Last year July was very busy and August was slow. So, you don’t know what you don’t know and I will know when they know. ( that’s a Rumsfeld quote)

One close friend was under the impression that I was up against the clock. Not so. Remember, there was only one small tumor and that was zapped by the Y90. So, it’s definitely GONE, but the only way to keep it gone is a new liver which is an absolute cure. I have had every scan known to man and my only other problem is my bad knee which I didn’t know about until they told me. (of course, it started to throb as soon as they told me) Had I gone to another liver center – say Indianapolis or St. Louis, this would be done and over with – but there is no hurry other than what I have self-imposed on myself. I have a great deal of faith and confidence in the liver team at NMH. In fact, two of the transplant surgeons live right in my building – one in my apartment two floors up! Sadly, there are a lot of folks who are up against the clock and will never get a liver. They will die waiting, which is a tragedy, so make sure you sign off on your driver’s license as a donor. The demand has always exceeded supply so it is a way everyone can make a difference.

Stay tuned!