YIKES – Really close now (#2) – Stay tuned.

Well, I contacted Katie, my coordinator at NMH this morning. This has become my Monday morning ritual, although she says it is more often. It must have been a busy weekend in Chicago with the Blackhawks win and all. She informed me I am #2 for the City and # 1 at NMH. SO – things are imminent so I had better wear my clean underwear, brush my teeth, floss, shave. Oh yeah, last week Nancy and I were driving into the city on the Eden’s where there was a backup. It was an accident. 3 motorcycles, 2 riders, 2 parked motorcycles, one mangled motorcycle, and an ambulance pulling away. It all gave Nancy and I an eerie feeling. I am still cool about it but those around me are now nervous. I am either dumb or confident. I’ll choose confident, and informed, and not real smart. Stay tuned for further developments.

2 Responses to “YIKES – Really close now (#2) – Stay tuned.”

  1. June 14, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Hi Dan & Nancy:
    Paying closer attention to your blogg as you get closer to “D” day.
    Love to you both,


  2. 2 Janell
    June 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Hey, Dan,

    Got my fingers crossed for you and Nancy. (BTW, Nancy, I call Dan my “Internet Guy” when I’m talking to Rick.) I don’t see you waiting until the 4th but even that is not far away.

    You’re gonna do great, Dan. It’s really a breeze after that first week or so. Everyone is calling me a “miracle” but it’s really not a long hard road to recovery. Now that I am seven weeks out, I can hardly remember the pain. I know you will have it as easy or easier than I did. I am just amazed when I see my liver numbers from the weekly blood tests. Everything is normal now related to my liver. It is so awesome.

    Praying for you both,

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