Closer but no banana (yet)

Today was my 90 day visit to NMH and all is well. Every 90 days the transplant team updates the MRI’s and CT Scans as their normal course of business. I have moved up the list. Last week the team transplanted someone in my blood group. So, now I am #6 for the city and #2 at NMH. On June 24th I get ONE extra point (not 3 as I thought) on my MELD score taking me to a 26. That jumps me in line to #2 in the city assuming no one jumps the queue

The office pool has also been updated. Dr. Kulich put her money on July 15th and Katie the coordinator moved to June 3rd. I side more with Katie because she is closer to the list. Nancy and I think June 7th which is my 60th birthday and Laurie placed her bet on the 4th of July weekend. We shall see but it looks like a summer where we are floaters and not boaters for the year. Either way we will enjoy the summer and I continue to compartmentalize all of this as a minor inconvenience with a 3 week break I must take with an unknown start date. I do not worry or dwell on it – but I am getting a little impatient. Then I think of those out there that are waiting against the clock….

As for NMH every time I visit I am tremendously impressed with the facility and the team. I’ve often said that you know how a company is run by the vibes from the people that are employed. From the bottom up one can quickly learn the culture of the organization just by observing and talking to the folks sweeping the floor. NMH is a group of incredible folks that are mission driven towards excellence. This is area where many companies strive for but very few succeed. The transplant team are the best of the best and frightening smart and dedicated. And the best part of all of that is we are two blocks away. I can see the clinic from our Condo with my high power super stabilized binocular scope!

Interestingly, I found out they are contemplating a change in how the master MELD list is kept. Remember when I said the list seemed skewed unfairly towards my situation? I believe the medical profession is figuring that in my situation things are treatable. With one Y90 treatment my small lesion was eliminated. I am in great health while there are other folks waiting for livers that are very sick. Any change in the system will not affect my situation but I recognize the wisdom in their future decision making process.

So slowly we approach to the desired result

3 Responses to “Closer but no banana (yet)”

  1. May 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Incredibly awesome post. Really..

  2. 2 Harriet
    May 31, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Danny………..I have just today finished your liver transplant prayer socks………this predicts the imminency of the event……..I’ll get them in the mail by Wednesday…..you will have them by Friday…….and then you will be ready to go. Love, Harriet

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