Still Waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

The news has not changed !

My liver coordinator at NMH placed he office pool bet on April 30th. So, I called her the next day to see if she wanted to change her bet. She put replaced her money on May 10th. My coordinator is a very dear person, but I’ve found someone who is definitely is worse at gambling than me. We shall see. I remain, as of last Monday, #9 for the City of Chicago. The list hasn’t moved, but that is how the system works. So, I am ready for my two week “vacation” I just don’t know when it will start…

So, in the meantime, I’ve been very busy. Last week we had our strategic planning meetings at the office and next week our board meetings and graduation at the college. My plans have not changed as I wait for “the call”. Bring it on!!

But the best news is about my friend Janell in St. Louis. Janell and I were placed on the list within days of each other. Our situations, age, health are almost identical. Janell got he transplant about a week ago and is doing great. She was out of surgery and walking around that evening. I have talked to her three times this week. She was out of the hospital in about three days and after a week has already been to a restaurant for lunch. Monday she gets her staples removed and hopefully they will send her home to KY. Amazing stuff !!

Stay tuned !

2 Responses to “Still Waiting, and waiting, and waiting….”

  1. 1 Karen
    May 19, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Hi Dan – I want in on the office pool. I think it will end up to be a birthday present in June.
    Dan, I read in every so often, thinking of you. Keep busy, hang in there, go on with your plans because as soon as you stop waiting it will be your turn…Murphy’s Law!

  2. 2 edward
    May 24, 2010 at 10:39 pm


    Just found you blog and I think its fantastic.
    My dad recently found out he has end-stage liver disease and is having a difficult time coping.
    On 4/29 we rushed to the ER with bleeding varices. His BP at arrival was 70/41. He was very sick for several days but after a couple weeks in the hospital he’s back at home now.
    He spents most of his days in bed and rarely leaves the house for anything other than a dr appt.
    I don’t know how to help him face this. I’ve bought dozens of books, studied and studied and -‘ve tried to get him motivated to deal with this.
    I think that positive attitide, assertiveness, and pro-activity is a key to getting through this.
    Then again, I’m not the one with jaundice and ascites. I would love to hear from you. Any suggestions. Would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for you blog.


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