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Another update that isn’t an Update

It becomes difficult to update everything when there is nothing to report. Of course, no news is still news so here goes…

I try to keep my update enquires down to every two weeks. So, on April 15th I dutifully called Katie, my nurse practitioner at NMH. Katie is the keeper of the list and she knows all. If you remember, I offered Katie a $10 position for the office pool. On March 30th she picked April 30th. On April 15th she advised there wasn’t much movement on the list for my blood type. So, I am still #3 for NMH and #9 for the city. I gave her an option to change the date for the office pool, but she declined. She is still at April 30th.

Doing the math, I don’t see that happening, but only the guy upstairs really knows. So I keep up with my busy schedule and keep packing it in every day. Stay tuned !