They’re getting closer. – Cool it. Just you wait!

Today was my 30 day checkup at NMH.  No change and all is well on the home front.  On March 24th, my meld score went up by three points, as it does every 90 days.  Now it is a total of MELD-28.  Not to over bother my nurse coordinator (although she did stuff herself with the Girl Scout cookies) she said I was #3 for NMH and #10 in the city for my blood type so it is looking like “soon” whatever that means.  My best guess the End/ middle of April?   I need to nail that down as best I can.

So, I pose a conundrum to you. A riddle, if you will. Interestingly, one the Docs said today – and he said it several times – “wait for a very very good liver”.  Right off, this would mean someone from life support and not a heart attack victim.  On life support there is more time for analysis and transferability.  This is the part of me that hasn’t come to terms with the issues of talking about someone else’s liver.  ( I did request a Republican liver but was reminded with our political system in Illinois I should just wish for one that’s not corrupt).  Anyway, there must be a good/better/best scale out there so I will look it up.

I had mentioned my friend Janell who, waiting for a transplant,  is running my exact parallel course in St. Louis. (she found out on the same day and we’ve been within days of everything along our journey)  Janell had a call from her transplant center today — telling her to be ready.  They found a liver and she was #2 in line for it.  In other words, if patient #1 doesn’t qualify for some reason they go on to the next person on the list and that was her.  A couple of hours later they called to say #1 qualified, so no banana for Janell (Golden, Ripe, Boneless Bananas, 39 Cents A Pound)  but she is very close.  SO — I must look for a liver that understands about being the best that he can be.

And now I officially lose my wings.  My pilot’s medical certificate has calandered  out on March 31st and I didn’t bother to renew for the short term.  90 days after the transplant I can re-apply and they don’t see any problem.  In the meantime, the Nancy D will be splashed next week.

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