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Another Amazing Y90 Story (this time its me)

It has been 6 weeks since I got my Y90 treatment.  Remember, those are the little glass beads that had radiation in them.  I never did have any symptoms from it.

Last weekend I had the MRI to check the progress of the tumor.  essentially, it is dead.  The scan was done with and without the radioactive contrast.  Prior to the Y90, the tumor showed up on the MRI lit up like  Christmas tree.  Today on the scan, it was a black hole.  Gone —  as in dead tissue.  The Y90 is amazing stuff (better than Clorox!) and this is just another miracle story on the success of the treatment.

SO — what’s next?

Wait and more wait.  No more tests as far as I know.  They don’t even want to do another scan for 90 days.  As far as I am aware I have NOT had any symptoms of the disease or the cure.  But the scary stuff is if I hadn’t caught it when we did I wouldn’t have any symptoms for a few years.   It’s a lot like a jet engine — lots can be wrong with the engine and it can be a mess inside with no symptoms of failure.  Our bodies are much the same way. So get checked out early and often! Do your compressor washes, your boroscopes, and your trend monitoring on both YOU and your jet engine!  Find out about something early and it is fixable. remember, catastrophic failures are rare….

Now with all the tests I have had I have a VERY long list of all the things that are right with me (its amazing what a 6 week physical can find or not find — and only one little thing wrong with me (the now dead lesion).  But they still want to perform the transplant ….

The deal is — even with it essentially gone, the protocol is still to replace the liver.  SO — I am on the MELD list now at 22.  On December 24th I get my three bonus points and I am a MELD-25.  I can expect a liver between 25 and 28.  I get another 3 bonus points on March 24th which takes me to a MELD 28.  Bottom line is there is a 50/50 chance of a liver between December 24 and March 24.  If it doesn’t happen by March 24 it will happen very soon thereafter.

I am truly blessed.  Speed bumps in life.  All curable and fixable.