My Y90 experience (con’t)

It has now been 9 days since the Y90 treatment.  I was told that after a few days I could have some of the side effects which is fatigue and flu like symptoms.  I have moved at my normal speed (fast)  and I have experienced none of the possible side effects. My understanding is most folks have some side effects so I am pleased I have none.

Next week it seems my only medical appointments are with the infectious disease doc.  With all the testing they have done they said sometime in my life I has exposure to TB. Having spent a lot of time in Sub-sahara Africa over the last 30 years it does not surprise me, but I am certain I must have had a live TB vaccination when I was in grade school.  I have had a ton of travel shots over the years plus whatever I received in the military.

This weekend I heard from Suzanne in Texas.  She formed a support site for Y90 users.  It is at:


Suzanne has an amazing story.  She had colon cancer and was at ‘deaths door” when she found out about Y90.  Suzanne took the intuitive and found out about the Y90 by luck as she says but I am sure it was because she took the initiative. And it because of it she got her liver tumors under control which allowed her to continue the rest of her treatment.  Now Suzanne works with others and matches them up in a support group.  Another Amazing Y90 story from an amazing person.

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