My Y90 Therasphere treatment today …..

Today was the day for the Y90 treatment,  I had been sceduled for Thursday, but they changed it today.  Last week I reported on the mapping  proceedure for the Y90 which was a piece of cake.  This week they did the real deal and so far it is easier than last weeks procedure.

I arrived at Northwestern at 6:30 AM.  After signing papers and getting on the gurney it was 7:30 AM. I was in the procedure room by 8 AM after meeting with Dr. Lewandowski who performed the proceedure and today performed two others exactly like mine .  By 8:10 they gave the Versed and I was off to never never land.  MMMMgood.  An hour later I woke up. They said everything went very well.  They said I was snoring but I don’t believe them.  I was home by 1PM and had a sandwich for lunch, then talked to a few people on the phone.  Later in the afternoon  I checked on my caller ID to see who called.

The support team in the interventional radiation department are very switched on folks.  They know their stuff, intelligent and efficient.  They work well as a team.   Special thanks to Lorrie. You are a real star and a super nurse.  Anthony, you are perfect at putting the patient at ease with your positive attitude. It is obvious all of you love your job.

So, the Y90 treatment I received should be a one shot deal.  In three weeks or so I get another MRI and the small tumor should be dead, although it take some time to disappear if that is what it is going to do.  But by that time I should have a new liver. On Christmas eve I get my three bonus points so I would imagine it is any time after that.

We’ll see if I have any side effect from the Y90.  They say maybe nothing or perhaps some flu like symptoms where I run out of gas in the afternoon.

There is good information on Y90 on their website.  It is interesting that very few facilities that are approved for this procedure which is now considered standard care by the insurance companies.  In Chicago only Northwestern + one other downstate which is why it is so important that you pick the the right medical facility out of the box. Info at:


More good news.

I received a note from my FAA medical agent in OKC.  For those of you who fly, I can highly recommend Pilot Medical Solutions (www.leftseat.com) David Hale owns the company and it has been around for some years.  Carrie Magerus has been handling my case.  Several of my pilot friends use PMS for their medical issues.  Simple things such as eye surgery and medication issues are easily handled by them. They do heart transplant issues too which are now FAA approved.  Carrie and the associates are all RN’s.  Very professional and the perfect interface between you and the FAA.  (If you enjoy working with the Post Office, VA, or the Passport agency then you don’t need them)  Anyway, I received a note from Carrie today and she said “at this point I see nothing that would not allow you to received your medical after the transplant”.  Thanks Carrie !

The other good news — The ski areas have opened up, so before I get too high on the list Daughter Laurie and I will be on the slopes!


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