A Y90 TheraSpere Story ……

The quest for knowledge never ends.   Knowledge is power and the well informed consumer is a smart consumer.  Part of research is knowing about the  latest and greatest if you want to stay on the “leading edge”.  I placed  “Y90 Therapheres” into a Google Alert so I get updated  daily. Yesterday I received an interesting article.  it is at:


And I researched her at the Y90  website at:



I made E-Mail contact with Nancy Hamm, the woman mentioned in the article. (Nancy, can’t wait to chat)  Nancy appeared on the CBS show “The Doctors” in an episode that aired Sept. 30. She was there to tell her story as a liver cancer survivor, and how a special tumor-directed treatment helped her fight the disease.

According to the article, while on a vacation in 2006 she experienced bloating and went to a doctor. Tests didn’t find the cause then, but after she and her husband returned home,  Nancy began experiencing severe abdominal pain. Her husband took her to the hospital and the doctors had found a tumor(s) and primary liver cancer.  Nancy had a liver resection  but the cancer came back.  Her quest for knowledge took her to the Internet where she learned about a new procedure — Y90 TheraSpheres  At the time it apprently  was not standard treatment. interestingly, her Doc didn’t find the Y90  — she found it. And it shrank the tumors to the point where she quailed for a liver transplant.  In less than 3 weeks she had a new liver, and of course, is now cancer free.

Today Nancy has become an advocate helping other people.  So what are the lessons learned and what are the take-aways?

First, Nancy wouldn’t be alive today if she didn’t take a proactive position  about her own health. Her Doc didn’t find what eventually led to her cure.  She did.

Secondly, medicine, business and life is filled with experts with  specific knowledge in a very narrow field.  Miss Kitty, owner of the Longbranch Saloon on Gunsmoke, needed only Doc Adams to take care of  her.  Doc Adams knew everything in those days because there wasn’t that much to know. The challenge today is to find the  person that is the expert  you need. Today it is easier than ever though the Internet.  As you do your research, be aggressive, collect the information and make phone calls.  God gave us two ears and one mouth, and ten fingers. So start dialing, ask questions, and listen twice as much as you talk.  This is something YOU must do. You can’t expect your internist or GP to do this for you.  The system simply doesn’t work that way.  If you are persistent you will find the best.

So what do you do when you find the best?

There is an interesting dynamic in the field of medicine as it relates to insurance companies.  Assuming you have insurance, the system actually pays for the best.  Your insurance company  doesn’t pay “extra”  because you go to the best Doctor or facility.  The not-so-good docs and facilities get paid the  same rate  by the insurance companies. My guess is that if you receive  a gift certificate to a resturrant of your choice you will not choose Burger King.  In fact, I bet you would drive a good distance  to dine at really fine French resturant. So, my question to you — Why wouldn’t you so the same with your health?

5 Responses to “A Y90 TheraSpere Story ……”

  1. 1 Valorie Qualey
    October 14, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Your approach to medical care and personal responsibility is an example that inspires me. Your outlook on this challenge is so positive and will play a huge role in your medical success.

    We will be praying for you and the future God has in store for you.

    You prove that soaring with the eagles does not require an airplane.

    Love to you and Nancy!


  2. 2 Diane Cramer
    October 14, 2009 at 12:05 pm


    I’m glad that Phil shared your blog with us…I will be following your journey and will be offering prayer for you. You are so right that we need to be our own advocates with our health–I have found that to be true as well.

    In your corner,

  3. 3 Chris Lender
    October 14, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    How are you feeling Dan? Thank you so much for creating this blog. It keeps all of us “worriers” from hounding you! Keep the positive spirit. You and your family are in my prayers.

    Chris Lender

  4. October 16, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Dan, So glad that you ran across Nancy’s story. She is an incredible lady!! I wish you well in your journey with our “little magic beads” and beyond to your transplant. I had my Y90 treatment 5 years ago and it was a miracle for me! Hoping the same for you.


  5. 5 Becky Jolly Cummings
    October 17, 2009 at 4:38 pm


    I’m thinking the best thoughts for you and your liver! It’s fantastic that you’re being so thorough in your research. My sister has taught me the value of looking for the right expert in the right field. I will keep reading your blog so I don’t worry… too much….. 🙂
    Good Health and Good Cheer!

    Lots of love to the whole family,
    Bekcy and Kevin

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