More on the Y90 TheraSphere Treatment

The Y90 TheraSphere is a treatment available for HCC.  In my case, they will use this treatment to Kill the tumor prior to transplant.  I am lucky, because my tumor is only 2.7 cm.  It would have to double in size in order for me not to qualify for a transplant,  It took 3 years to get to the size it is, so the chances of it getting past 5 cm ( the size at which i would lose eligibility for a transplant) in the next few months are very slim.  While that can change, the historical biology of the tumor makes it unlikely to happen.

As a prevention, I have agreed to the Y90 treatment, which in fact is protocol.

TheraSphere is actually a  medical device containing yttrium-90 (Y-90), a radioactive material that has been used previously in the treatment of liver tumors. When Y-90 is incorporated into very tiny glass beads (TheraSphere), it can be injected to the liver through blood vessels supplying the liver. This allows a large dose of radiation to be delivered directly to the tumor.  This delivery method has less risk of toxic effects from radiation to other parts of the body or to healthy liver tissue.  In otherwords, it cooks the tumor from the inside out instead of the outside in.  The radiation is limited to a few Cm of the tumor.  For me, there should be very little in the way of side effects. The radiation from TheraSphere  becomes minimally active within 7 days after treatment due to physical decay. The glass beads remain in the body, but since they are microscopic,  do not cause any health problems.

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