Just got on “the list”….

Today I got a call from Katie at Northwestern.  Katie is my transplant coordinator.  Very sharp, smart, articulate,  knowledgeable and dedicated. She even sends me E-mails late in the evening on a Sunday. (I call this fanatic customer service)  Anyway,  I am officially on the transplant list with a MELD score of 22. In three months, on Christmas Eve, I get 3 extra bonus points. (I don’t even have to cash in my frequent flyer miles —  Free upgrade)

This is wierd.  I am in the best shape and health ever yet on a transplant list.  And I see all the other folks at the clinic and they are some very sick folks.  I am reminded by the ironic.  Had I not had the scan I would be feeling this good for 3-5 years and would not have a clue.  God has his plan.

I also got a call from the insurance company.  They have a case worker on this — a private company that monitors these things,  I found it interesting that they require a couple of tests that NW didn’t require.  One being a colonoscopy that I had a couple years ago at Cleveland. Again, I am dealing with one very sharp lady.  She cares and it shows.

Also, their appointment scheduling regimented.  Everyone has the “The next appointment the doctor has is in 3 months”.  Or at best “what is convenient for you?”.  Not so at NW!  I am on THEIR schedule.  And that’s a good thing.  I have been told they have to chase some of their patients down because they don’t show up for their appointment.  That’s foreign to me (as well as being rude) but I can’t believe someone can play Russian roulette with their own life.

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  1. 1 Harruet
    October 4, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Guys.

    This blog is a great idea. Saves you having to tell the same things to everyone over and over. You are stronger than the rest of us. I am very proud of both of you. Love to Annie, Laurie….

    On another note, before we criticize “Obamacare” we might want to think about what happens to people with no health insurance, and what they would do in this situation………….like the folks in my court who are “living” with untreated diabetes (no money for insulin)(but when they become blind we will pay for their disability benefits)………..like the 14 year old boy who is an “illegal alien” (he had no choice, of course, when his parents came to the US when he was a toddler) who misses most days of school due to migraines which are untreated because he is not eligible for any government assistance, his parents are farm workers and have no money and of course no insurance…………….. like the 28 year old man who is now a vegetable from repeated strokes due to untreated illness (we didn’t help him with medical care or medical insurance, but he will be getting Social Security disability for the rest of his life and, of course, he is not able to pay child support so his children are now on welfare and getting food stamps, cash benefits and medicaid). These examples are just from last week’s court cases………..We are a lucky family with social, finacial, and family support for these tough times. By 10 am every morning I am counting my blessings!

    See you soon.

    Love, Harriet and Glenn

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