A Little bit about me….

God has graced me and I have been very lucky in my life.  I am 59-years old and have lived in the Chicago area all of my life.  I have been married since I was 22 to the greatest lady in the world.  We have been told by many that they want to model their marriage after ours.  She is the most positive person I know.  Never changes and always on the high on life.  They broke the mold with her.

We have two daughters, both married to great guys, who all have their feet planted firmly on this earth. All are smart, articulate, outgoing, caring, responsible, and trustworthy.  One now has her own business in Chicago and the other lives in Ohio with our grand daughter.  I have been in business for myself since I was 25-years old.   I have been blessed with a successful business, with great business partners who are my extended family at the office.  We are close. Very close.  We operate our business with high trust relationships and we are always there for each other.  Always.  We are intensely loyal to our customers, our suppliers, board members, partners, banks and insurance folks.  We consider then an integral part of our team and family.

I have also been blessed with good health.  I am very active and love the sea and snow along with boats and airplanes.  Must be the good genes in my body, but my blood work is great with no medications. It is unusual that I catch colds or ever get sick.  I eat right and  excercise. My only vice is too much coffee.  I am very proactive with my health.  As we get older we see friends pass, and at the service many times they say ” If  only he would have known something could have been done and he’d be with us today”.  Well, I decided that would NEVER be me.  Maybe fly into a mountain or sink at sea — but not die from something preventable! I have come to the conclusion that our bodies are much like a jet aircraft engine. There can be a lot wrong with the engine and it still runs fine — until you take it apart for some reason and the inside is so burned out, one needs a lot of replacement parts for it to fly again.   And that is what this blog is all about.  Replacement parts. I need one so I can keep flying.  In aviation terms it is time for a Hot Section Inspection and I need some new LLP’s.  In this case, new is better than overhauled.

My internist is a local Doc with a stellar reputation amongst his peers. He was head of internal medicine at one of our better hospitals.  He is now a concierge doc, and while he still works long hours he limits the number of patients. Great guy/great doc and he takes very good care of me.  Wanting to be preventative, in 2007  my wife and I went to the Cleveland Clinic for an executive physical so I had yet another  good baseline.  They check EVERYTHING and it is a great experience. I highly recommend it.

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