So Why a Blog on Dan’s liver ???

This is my story of my impending liver transplant. I have never written a blog or chronicled. But I have decided to do this for several reasons.

I am one of the blessed individuals. God has his plan.  My situation is both fixable and curable.  Curable isn’t my word, it is the Docs word.  There is no reason for me to live anything  other than a complete and normal life. The only caveat to that is that I need a replacement liver.

We are also lucky because of the medical facilities nearby.  We are a 3 block walk from Northwestern Medical Facility. NW is a world class  transplant organization and they’ve transplanted over 1,000 livers.  They also transplant hearts, kidneys, and lungs.

So why the blog?

First, when I was told I would be on a transplant list my first reaction was that something good had to come out of it to help other people. There is a huge responsibility here and  we all must  rise to those responsibilities. There are reasons for everything and this is no different.  Some guy (or girl) is coming up behind me and he needs some help too. The web is a great resource to learn, research, and disseminate information to others. Even so, there isn’t  a lot available with first person personal stories.

As a family, we’ve been down this road before.  My wife is probably one of the most physically active people I know.  Her only flaw (yes she had  only one) was her back.  She was almost immobile because of a L5/S1 disk.  We researched for a year and decided to go with a surgeon at the Texas Back Institute and replace the disk with a Charite’ replacement disk made from titanium and plastic.  At the time it wasn’t FDA approved.  The “installation” is through the belly and it is major surgery.  Together we felt the responsibility  to share the story.  We did and we allowed the NBC Today Show to film the entire surgery.  20 hours (yes I said hours) after we walked in to the hospital in Plano, she walked out pain free.  And that included the sit-down camera interview an hour before the surgery began. Over the years we’ve counseled many folks with the same problem. It helps us probably more than it helps them.

Secondly, this is a way for my friends and family to find out the latest information about me personally. it is important people understand what this IS and what it IS NOT.  Without doubt things will get fast and furious at some point in the next few months, so it is a way for everyone to be posted with the latest and greatest. I am sure there are other benefits as well that will manifest during the process.   So, welcome to the journey.  Fasten your seatbelt because here we go….

1 Response to “So Why a Blog on Dan’s liver ???”

  1. August 1, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Hi Dan,

    It’s is Ross & Mary’s daughter, Heather! I am praying for you that a transplant comes through very soon! Keep us posted and Hugs to you and Nancy!



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